A Glimpse into the Megasus Test Camp

A Glimpse into the Megasus Test Camp

Many of you have wondered how Megasus Horserunners would look like on a horse. And:

Does the Mega Lock Fastener System even work?

We’d like to give you a glimpse into our Megasus Test Camp. Pictures can tell you more than a thousand words. So we’ve created a short video for you, starring Amaretto who has been barefoot his whole life. It is his first time testing Megasus Horserunners for us.
Did he like them? See for yourself.



Amaretto is wearing a prototype of Megasus Horserunners. Of course, there are still some “teething problems”. This is why the Megasus Task Force thoroughly tests our product and also helps us to identify challenges we need to face.


What kinds of challenges are there?

For instance, finding the ideal adhesive that sticks the Mega Lock Tapes to the hoof. We’d like it to be as non-invasive as possible and not harmful, but it should be waterproof. Also, we want bulletproof hold, without the danger of tearing off the hoof walls in case the horse accidently steps on the hoof protection. And on top of it: We’d like the adhesive to be easily applicable – just like a sticker.
We’re putting all our heart and energy in technical refinements and we’re always trying to find the best solution. And we’re making progress day by day!
The most important thing is:

Our Mega Lock Fastener System works!



Megasus Task Force Member: Rossini

Here are pictures of another horse of the Megasus Test Camp, her name is Rossini. She’s a young Appaloosa-Mix mare and it seems like she loves Megasus Horserunners, too. Look at her striped hooves – aren’t they beautiful?



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