More than 25 years ago, Megasus founder and director of research and development Charly Forstner was an animal welfare inspector responsible for protecting horses in Styria (Austria). He learned that most of the horses that needed to be put down suffered from hoof and leg problems. Statistics show this is a ubiquitous problem.

More than 50 % of insured horses die because of hoof and leg problems.

Geschäftsbericht R+V Versicherung 2015/APHIS Info Sheet; March 2007; Trends in Equine Mortality

We really need to change this figure.

Twenty years ago, Charly decided that it was time for a change. In order to help horses, he invented products for hoof protection made of plastic: The “Dynamix” and the “Easywalker.” These products, combined with a lot of research, have changed the market and has helped lead to today’s barefoot movement.
Back then, the main goal was to develop a product for hoof protection, helping farriers with their daily work and enabling them to keep using familiar tools.
Today, our focus clearly lies on something even more important: The horses and their hooves. What do they need, what is good for them?

Our Megasus Team includes a vast array of enthusiastic horse and hoof lovers who contribute their knowledge and passion to this project with 100% idealism.