Things have changed a lot since Charly first invented the “Dynamix” and the “Easywalker”, thanks to amazing people like you! Then: finding a horse going barefoot was rare. Now: horses show barefoot, trailride barefoot, compete barefoot, thrive barefoot.

Also, the possibilities of funding a project like ours have changed. Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter bring ideas to life and make dreams come true.
Supporting a project financially and emotionally is little bit like being an entrepreneur yourself, and you become an important part of this exciting journey. This means that, in case of unforeseen events, there is always a risk of loosing the money invested – for all of us. We successfully launched products for hoof protection twice, and we know that we can do it again!
Having your full support and backing will help us to bring ideas to life and Megasus Horserunners to horses all over the world. Sufficient financial resources will enable us to establish a strong negotiation position in terms of suppliers and production: The best and most convenient solution, state-of-the-art material, sizes and colors of your choice.

You are part of the development!