For whom are Megasus Horserunners suitable?
Our audience is recreational riders who like riding cross-country and want to join small competitions.
What are Megasus Horserunners?
Megasus Horserunners are the first clippable hoof protection designed for locomotion, like sports shoes for humans. Our unique patented Mega-Lock System enables users to put Megasus Horserunners on when needed and let the horse go bare hoof when not. Horse owners can decide whether they want to leave them locked for several days, or take them off after every ride.
Of which components do Megasus Horserunners consist?
A  set of Megasus Horserunners contains everything you need for their use:
  1. Megasus Horserunners
  2. Side-Clips “Lock” in suitable amount +1 spare clip for each Megasus
  3. “Stabilizer”
  4. Mega-Lock Tapes sufficient for 6-12 weeks (6 pieces per hoof), after that you can buy spare tapes. A well-mounted tape can remain on the hoof up to 4 weeks.
  5. Mega Pro-tapes: protection tape for grazing, 2 pieces for each hoof.
  6. Non-woven web: one piece to roughen and clean the hoof.
  7. isopropyl alcohol to degrease the hoof before gluing
Which additional fixtures are available?
There will be the following:
Spikes and Studs including the tools will be available from April 2017 on in presale in our online shop. Delivery in  July/ August 2017
What are Side-clips?
The Side-Clips will be stroked into a raster scale on the base support and adjust thereby individually to the hoof. Side-clip variations include:
  1. Side-Clip “Lock“: the general Side-Clip for the on-and-off Mega-Lock system.
  2. Side-Clip “Glue“: to stick the Megasus directly to the wall with Superglue. Permanent! For special tasks! After two to three weeks, the side-clips shall be loosened for hoof trimming. This will guarantee a consistently favorable hoof situation. Hoof deformation caused by iron shoes, including sunken foot arches, flat feet, bent and twisted bones and joints, can be avoided this way. The side-clips can be used more than once by cleaning from glue and polishing with non-woven web.
  3. Side-Clip “stick”: to stick the Megasus directly by means of tape (similar to double-sided tape). Permanent! For special tasks! (After two to three weeks the same procedure as for the side-clip “glue” is wanted).
What is a stabilizer good for?
The stabilizer allows you to adjust the rigidity of the Megasus Horserunners to your horses’ hooves. Horses which are acquainted to bare walking mostly do not need a stabilizer. The stabilizer is meant for horses that will be converted from iron shoes to bare hoof and are not immediately able to walk comfortably because of hypersensitive hoofs. Hoofs in transposition or with thin soles and/or weak walls will profit from higher stability. 
Horses in sportive use need extremely high stability of protection. In this case, and also if protection is used in combination with spikes and cleats, the Megasus should always be used with stabilizer. The oversized forces occurring when these applications are used speak for the insertion of the stabilizer. Please note that we do not recommend permanent hoof protection in these cases.


How is the Mega-Lock tape attached?
After the hoof is cleaned, position the Megasus to mark the areas where the Side-Clips will make contact to determine the position of Mega-Lock Tape (typically 1 cm – a little less than one inch – of hoof will remain between the tape and Megasus). Roughen the tape areas with non-woven web and, if necessary, a file. Degrease the area with Isopropyl alcohol. Finally, remove the protective foil from the tape, and stick Maga-Lock tape to the marked areas. Wait 15 minutes for the adhesive to dry fully. Now you’re system is ready!
As the hoof grows and stretches over the following two to three weeks, the Mega-Lock Tape will move closer to the ground. The tape will continue to function until it is about 6mm (about 1/4 inch) from the ground. Tapes must be changed when Side-Clips no longer fit snugly or the tape itself loosens from the wall.
Which glue is used? Is it toxic?
We talk about two different bonding methods. The Mega-Lock tapes are provided with an adhesive layer which is not activated before the protection foil is removed.  This adhesive is similar to some waterproof tissue glues used in human medicine for wound closure. The tapes are a special development for our use.
The aim is to regulate the adhesive force: as little as possible so as not to damage the hoof horn, yet as much is necessary for strength, plus waterproof to guarantee a four-week hold. The glue for the side clip “stick” is identical.
The side-clip “glue” is fixed to the wall with this superglue, which is tested and proven in the field.
On the hoof it is long-lasting and waterproof, but nevertheless should be removed after 2 to 3 weeks for hoof trimming and cleaning.
How long will the Mega-Lock tape last on the hoof?
The Mega-Lock tape remains approximately 3 weeks on the hoof and is protected with a protection foil during the time the hoof goes bare. The foil has a sealing lip similar to swimming goggles, so that the Mega-Lock tape is prevented from water and dirt intrusion.
What is going on when the hoof grows?
Within 3 weeks the hoof grows a little more than 1/2 cm (1/5 inch).
The Mega-Lock tape on the hoof shifts with that growth. Over the course of 2 to 3 weeks of repeated bare-hoof phases, the foot grows and adapts to its environment which reduces the distance from the lower tape edge to the ground from originally 1 cm (a little less than ½ inch) to 1/2 cm (1/5 inch).
After 3 weeks on the hoof the Megasus –Lock tape will be changed. Also shortening of the lower edge of the tape with a foil is possible. This is of no influence to the durability of the Megasus itself on the hoof.
Is hoof care possible when tape is on?
Yes, the tread can be cared for as usual, as well as the wall horn beneath the Mega-Lock tapes. The wall itself cannot be trimmed within the 3 weeks. If this should be necessary, a new tape would have to be installed.
How can I remove the Mega-Lock tape?
The Mega-Lock tape is easy to remove, somewhat similar to a sticking plaster (adhesive bandage). One side is lifted with a sharp tool, and the tape rolled off by hand or with pliers.
Will adhesive residues remain to the hoof?
No more than those you’d expect from a plaster (adhesive bandage).
My Mega-Lock tape is dirty. What shall I do?
The Mega-Lock tape can be cleaned well with water and a medium-hard bristle, household brush.


What are Mega-Pro tapes?
Mega-Pro tapes are protection tapes for the Mega-Lock tape when the horse is on the pasture or in the box without the Megasus Horserunners on.
It is surrounded by sealing lips similar to swimming goggles which prevent the Mega-Lock tape from being spoiled by dirt and water. It is planned to offer it reflecting and individual designed until 2018 when we plan to begin offering personalization and a variety of designs.
What is the non-woven web good for?
The non-woven web is used to clean and roughen the hoof wall before sticking the Mega-Look tape. The glue will have better contact to the wall when it is roughened.
What is isopropyl alcohol good for?
Glue sticks best on fat-, oil- and dust-free surfaces. Isopropyl alcohol is used to degrease the hoof wall before sticking the Megasus-Lock tape.


How long will Megasus Horserunners last?
We have developed the Megasus Horserunners first of all to achieve one thing: more motion!
Riding shall bring you fun at any pace, on any ground. Slick or hard soil? Sounds sketchy if you have the classic iron horse shoe or bare hoof in mind. But with Megasus Horserunners? Like humans who tie on sports shoes to take on runs on asphalted, greasy roads, horses will have more comfort and security on rough surfaces while wearing their Megasus Horserunners.
Depending upon how often and where you ride with Megasus, it is our target that horse runners shall last 3 to 6 months. Each set includes Megasus-Lock tapes for 8 to 12 weeks of wear. Additional spare tapes are available as needed.
Megasus Horserunner consists of two different plastics. The tread consists of an extremely abrasion-resistant, shock-reducing and vibration-damping material. Any research-based improvements to plastic properties can be adapted to future sole upgrades using the most progressive products.
The second plastic concerns the base which has the same high stability as the hoof and contains all technical demanding parts. Although the horn capsule is elastic, high impact forces can deform it.  Megasus Hoofrunners are stiff enough to take heavy impacts of cross-country riding with grip for uneven, sloped terrain. They provide side stability with hard edges that cut into the ground like the natural hoof.
Optional spikes and cleats are also available to create as much grip and stability as is needed while allowing the hoof as much natural movement as possible.
What shall I do when side-clips, Mega-Lock tape or Mega-Pro tape break down?
From April 2017 on, we will offer in our online shop spare sets in presale. Delivery will be in July/August 2017.


Do Megasus Horserunners last when used in mud?
We have made Megasus Horserunners as waterproof as possible. We know from experience that nature has in store more exceptions than rules. Just like fingerprints, no one hoof is identical to another. As such, we offer a variety of options to be tried out by the horse lover. 
Mud/much water
Your options:
  1. On soft ground your horse does not need hoof protection.
  2. Normal protection: Mega-Lock tape remains to the hoof  and is protected by means of the Mega-Pro tape (foil with sealing lips)
  3. The Megasus Horserunners remain to the hoof for a week permanently and are afterwards removed for hoof adaptation. Then they are clipped on again. 
  4. Permanent hoof protection with side-clip “glue”: The side clips are directly stuck to the hoof wall with superglue. After 2 to 3 weeks they should be removed and after hoof adaptation again stuck to the hoof.
  5. Permanent hoof protection with side-clip “stick”: the side-clips are fixed to the hoof with pads similar to double-sided layer. The Megasus Horserunners are now permanent. After 2 weeks they should be removed and, after adaptation of the hoof, stuck again.
The Mega-Lock tape is protected in the paddock with the Mega-Pro tape (when horse is bare hoof).  The Mega-Pro tape is a protection tape provided with sealing lips, similar to a swimming goggle, which protects the Mega-Lock tape from dirt and water. If the horse stands for long in deep mud but still needs hoof protection we recommend either leaving the Megasus Horserunners stuck for one week and adapt hoofs then, or stick the Mega-Lock tape more often. There is also the possibility to fix the Megasus Horserunners permanently.
This is very simple: You change the side-clips “lock” to the side-Clips “glue” or “stick”. Stick the side-clips “glue” with superglue or even simpler the side clips “stick” with the special double-sided layer tape to the hoof wall. These two side-clip types make the hoof protection permanent (24/7).
We recommend removing the permanent protection after 2 to 3 weeks. Why?
We are acquainted with long periods between trimming for horses in iron shoes, so have become comfortable with leaving the hoof grow for 8 to 12 weeks without adaptation.
This is incorrect! Permanently protected, the hoof has no chance to self trim with the natural abrasion of barefoot movement. Without abrasion the hoof grows unnaturally long, which has negative influence on tendons and ligaments.
If we did not cut our toe nails for 8 to 12 weeks, every day wearing shoes will be more inconvenient till they didn’t fit any more. But this is not as basic as to a horse which has to stand with all its weight on its “nails”. Therefore: Be diligent and keep the hoof in good condition.
Aren’t Megasus Horserunners slippery on wet surfaces (like wet grass)?
Megasus Horserunners are designed so that the horse will have a good grip on a variety of ground. How do we manage that? In the Megasus, we use two different compounds, a hard base and a soft, shock-damping and abrasion-resistant sole. The hard compound is for fitting and grip, like the natural hoof which uses its hard horn for grip. The soft tread, like the horse’s natural sole, dampens shocks and increases the horse’s grip on slippery surfaces. For riding quickly and often on slippery ground, we recommend spikes or cleats. These are available from us and can be attached easily.
Ice and snow
For riding on frozen snow or on ice, we recommend spikes or cleats which are available from us as accessories and can be mounted simply by you.
May I ride through water with the Megasus Horserunners?
Yes. Our corresponding test (galloping though water) are very promising.


Which sizes are scheduled?
Your Megasus can be individually adapted to your horse’s hooves. Because of this, when in doubt select the larger size when ordering because you can cut a bit off. Not only can you shorten the length, you can also cut a few extra millimeters from the width (approx. 10 mm; a bit more from larger sizes), without compromising the function of the side clips.
Our aim is to be able to offer Megasus Horserunners to every horse. But casting molds are very expensive. For each size you need a separate tool. Based on your many emails we revised our size table and will offer the following sizes:
90 100 110
120 130 140 150 160
“Big Foot”
180 / 200
How do I know which size I need?
Measure the widest distance of the hoof. Is it for instance 12,5 cm you need size 130. The hoof length is not measured, because Megasus will be adapted to it. Find the sizing table here.
Your Megasus can be individually adapted to your horse’s hooves. Because of this, when in doubt select the larger size when ordering because you can cut a bit off. Not only can you shorten the length, you can also cut a few extra millimeters from the width (approx. 10 mm; a bit more from larger sizes), without compromising the function of the side clips.
What if my horses’ feet are different sizes?
Most horses do have differently sized feet. That’s why we sell Megasus in as few as two shoes per set. Are the fore hoofs 120 and the hind 110? You can buy 2 x 120 and 2 x 110. If your horse has four similarly sized feet, you can also buy Horserunners in sets of four.


How can I buy Megasus Horserunners?
Megasus Horserunners are not available on the market yet. The market launch is scheduled for August 2017.
The good news is that you can now place a pre-sale order on our website.
Please visit horserunners.com/megasus-online-shop/ 
Payment & Shipping Costs
On our website, you can pay for your pre-order via bank transfer. Please note that customers from outside the European Union might be charged with a high wire transfer fee. We will be offering additional methods of payment in the next upcoming months.
We offer GLOBAL SHIPPING to all of you. To make it easy for everyone we will have just two different shipping rates. “Europe € 15” and “Rest of the world € 20”.
The set of 2 Megasus Horserunners at pre-sale costs € 119,00.
A set of 4 Megasus Horserunners at pre-sale costs € 238,00.
Plus: Shipping costs (Europe € 15/Rest of the world € 20).
Will it be necessary to specify sizes immediately when buying?
Yes, please specify sizes immediately when ordering.
Please note: You can choose one size for each set of Megasus!
Why should I support the Megasus Horserunners?
Because there is a chance for you to take part in something completely new! Together we will be able to usher in a new era to our horse friends and end the iron age for our horses! Naturally this will not be an easy road, but at the end we will be proud!


Can I adapt Megasus Horserunners to any hoof?
This is the most ingenious advantage of Megasus Horserunners: The unique possibilities of adaptation! Think of a drilling machine. There the drill is fixed in the chuck from all sides. The Megasus Horserunners function similar. If you for instance take size 130, you have eight separated side-clips movable in eight raster scales. You can strike them to the hoof wall and press them exactly to the horn from all sides, no matter if the hoof has a steep angle on one side and a flat on the other, because of their flexibility.
Problems may occur if parts of the hoof wall lack, so that you are not able to stick the Mega-Lock tape. In this case, the hoof lack has to be filled with artificial horn before the Mega-Lock tape is stuck.
Who is behind Megasus Horserunners?
A crowd of idealists with loads of horse experience! We have more than 20 years of practical experience around farriery and the study of hoof motion and hoof protection. 
We have already invented and placed on the market two products: “Dynamix” and “Easywalker”. Both are nail-on, plastic hoof protection. “Easywalker” was the first plastic horse protection to be used in versatility riding top level, inter alia for the Austrian National Team at the World Equestrian Games 2002 in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. 
The Chilean National Team incorporated the “Easywalker” at the Military Championships where they earned three gold medals (dressage, Jumping and Eventing).
Will I have the possibility to test Megasus Horserunners?
Current status is that we test the Megasus Horserunners with our Megasus Task Force Team, a small select group of horse fans, hoof specialists and riders. 
Seeing that the demand to test Megasus is so high, we will select our first external testers from our Megasus community – from our supporters on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and our Online Shop from different nations, who had previously supported us thus far.
The external testers will be the very first to mount Megasus Horserunners in Spring 2017 and start riding. We will introduce all testers with photo and experience report on our home page. It will be exciting to receive reports from South Africa, Australia, Iceland, USA and so on. Reports on sun, wind, sand, snow, ice, mud: This will be super!
Can I drive coach with Megasus Horserunners?
In principle yes! The Megasus Horserunners can be equipped with spikes if desired. As to the abrasion behavior, the horse is most important. We have tested coach driving, and are excited.  Especially on roads, Megasus plays to its strengths.
Good grip, no slip. On snow and ice, under all circumstances, with spikes or cleats. The Megasus Horserunners are designed not to twist on the hoof. Hoof and protection move synchronic  as a unit. This gives the horse confidence.
Are Megasus Horserunners suitable for show jumping?
In principle yes! We provide spikes and cleats which can be mounted easily. Megasus Horserunners are designed first of all for leisure riders who want to jump in the terrain through some obstacles. This is already tested very positively.  Shear forces during jumping are absorbed by the side-clips which are extremely stabile. The Mega-Lock  connection is mainly demanded in deep ground when the hoof pulls up. It will be task of the next tests to prove in how far the Megasus will go in challenging sports.
Are Megasus Horserunners suitable for sliding (reining)?
No. Megasus Horserunners don’t slide. But this must not be the end of the story. A “Megasus Slider” sounds good, doesn’t it? We will keep it in mind.
Are Megasus Horserunners for do-it-yourself?
We try to  make mounting as simple as possible. Nevertheless, you need some basic craftsmanship to cut out the individual shape of the Megasus Horserunners.
Therefore it depends on you. We will build a service network of specialists for those who think they need the aid of an expert.  It couldn’t be easier!
Is twisting possible with Megasus Horserunners?
Megasus Horserunners incorporate a lock system. First, the hoof-protection surface includes small (about 1/10-inch) spikes that press into the hoof to help absorb shear forces.
Second, the side-clips are designed to fix the hoof on the Megasus without deviation of 1/20 inch. Every single side-clip is pressed to the hoof with its extremely hard plastic component which does not yield nor break.
The soft component is also pressed to the hoof, surrounding it like a rubber band. This material sticks slightly to the hoof by friction and further prevents twisting. In no horse of those which were known as “winders”  (or “twisters”) could we detect winding (or twisting)
How is the hoof to be treated before mounting?
Most horses equipped with Megasus Horserunners went bare hoof before. We did not straighten the hoof like for iron shoes nor did we any other work.
Some horses showed floating on the hoof, but this was without influence to the firmly fitting of the Megasus. Basically, the Megasus Horserunners are designed allowing the hoof to be rounded at the toe.
The test was designed so horse owners mounted the Magasus Horserunner themselves with coaching as needed.
Who can mount the Megasus?
Naturally every specialist on hooves who does not reject new techniques.  That is a factor not to be underestimated. One should mount such a hoof protection joyfully to have good results. Reluctance guarantees failure! 
Our perception was that there are already some horse owners who can handle such a system. Others will be coached and as time goes by undertake more and more steps of mounting. Again others will be served by experts as before.