Our mission is simple: To take horses out of the Iron Age for good.

Some people say that working together is like a marriage.
That´s why it is important that we better acquaint ourselves.
Give me your hand, I will show you the world of Megasus - as it is now and our vision for it in the future.


What you need to know about us:

We, from Megasus, love horses.

That’s why we care about their health and wellbeing. Health for horses means natural movement on all types of terrain. The healthiest way for horses to move is barefoot. But this is not always feasible. That’s why we need light, shock-absorbing hoof protection that allows all natural hoof movements and that is easy to fit, put on and take off, like our Megasus Horserunners. Therefore, our credo is: Use hoof protection when it´s needed and if it’s not, let your horse run barefoot!

We, from Megasus, strive to be better.

In order to care for their health and give horses a comfortable run, we use the latest technologies. Research and development is the basis of our lives and we will keep working and developing even if it means swimming against the current.

We, from Megasus, want to share knowledge.

We love amusing videos. That´s why we´ve made it our mission to spread our knowledge through videos. It gives horse lovers the chance to choose the right products for their horse. We also want to provide education for hoof trimmers. If the Megasus are well fitted, everybody is happy: the horse, the horse lovers, and as well as the hoof trimmers. We´ve started the first educational program in Austria and we dream of providing it all over the world with your help.

We, from Megasus, love quality.

Only if the Megasus Horserunners work, can they do good for the horse. That´s why we are producing in Austria. We are well acquainted with our manufacturers and we know, firsthand, that they produce products with fantastic quality. We are able to choose the best materials available and we have the option to make changes if we find something better. Working together closely makes us quick and strong. We wish to have such a working relationship with you too.

We, from Megasus, love horse lovers.

Our customers are loyal horse lovers. They care about their horses and want the best for them. Our typical customer tries to let the horse walk barefoot if possible and uses hoof protection for riding. Horseback riding is movement and movement keeps the horse healthy.

We, from Megasus, keep on moving.

We don´t want to stop! Megasus is always looking for new ideas. The next products we have in store for the upcoming year/s will be
Megasus Slide: hoof protection for reining horses – Megasus Race: hoof protection for race horses.

Subsequently, additional Megasus Horserunners, specifically developed for sport horses, will follow.

We, from Megasus, love to be on time.

We love to be on time whenever it´s possible. Usually, we are very fast. We´ve set a very ambitious goal by promising to deliver the first Megasus Horserunners to our crowdfunding backers in July of 2017. Although it seems nearly impossible, we are currently making good time! 🙂

Many faces, one mission: The End of the Iron Age.
Welcome to the colorful world of Megasus.

We received requests from horse enthusiasts who want to become distributors from more than 60 countries, and sometimes more than one hundred per country. Decision making is going to be very difficult, while it is not possible to work with everyone directly. We hope and want to make an effort to find solutions for us all!

And now we are very curious about you.

Maybe this is the beginning of a wonderful shared journey together.