The countdown is on! On October 8 we’ll launch our Kickstarter campaign. That means that you can pre-order Megasus Horserunners online!

Our dream is to take horses out of the Iron Age. But realizing this dream does not only take a lot of time and energy, but also financial strength.  Our campaign goal is $100.000. If a large crowd of horse lovers funds our project by pre-ordering Megasus Horserunners, we can reach this magical threshold! This will enable us to go into production and ship our products in July 2017.  That’s why we need your support!   We know that you should have the heart of a little inventor to invest in something that is totally new like Megasus Horserunners.   But new things have the chance to make a big change.

Together, we can start a new era for our horses.  That´s the reason why we made our Early Bird of Megasus Horserunners so special. It is only valid during the campaign!



The Kickstarter campaign will run for 30 days. If our campaign is successful, Megasus Horserunners and accessories will also be available in our webshop for presale, starting in April 2017.