For Forrunners.

Megasus Horsetech GmbH introduces the world‘s first: Megasus Horserunners – the first clippable runners for horses, and starts an international crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Austrian inventors develop Megasus Horserunners, a non-permanent, flexible hoof protection that is as easy to put on as it is to take off – just like running shoes. Their mission: to take horses out of the Iron Age for good.
More than twenty years of experience and research are the basis for the new running shoes for horses, developed and designed by the entrepreneur couple; Louisa and Charly Forstner. The testings on prototypes were successful, and the new findings became analyzed and worked in for serial production.
Not only in the development of Megasus Horserunners that new pathways are taken, but also in financing. A community was built with the help of a modern international crowdfunding campaign, which determines the demand of the market and the mass production will be financed.
Riders and lateral thinkers from around the world can securely order the product from October 8, 2016, for 30 days on for presale; hence, the realization of a visionary idea. Funding goal is 100,000 Euro. If this is achieved, the product will be delivered to all buyers in July 2017.
Over 7,000 fans on Facebook follow the development of the Megasus Horserunners, over 5,000 newsletter subscribers are informed every week – the idea of a comfortable and versatile hoof protection for horses is very well received.
Because of horse lovers and animal protectionists, the product is a world novelty and problem solver in one: The innovative hoof protection is shock-absorbing, stabilizes, allows for natural hoof movements, and can be put on and off by the rider at any time with a few hand movements. Just as we use our sports shoes. Lightweight plastic material and the patent-pending Mega-Lock Fastener System, based on a kind of high-performance velcro closure from the industry, made it possible!
The Mega-Lock Fastener System allows the Megasus Horserunners to be „clipped“ on the hoof-mounted Mega- Lock Tape whenever you need them, and otherwise, the horse goes barefoot. A specially developed protective tape; the Mega-Pro Tape, protects the Mega-Lock Tape out of dirt until the next ride.
More movement on healthy legs and hooves. Riding is to be fun, with high-quality hoof protection, which neither scrubs nor moves, whether in the water, on gravel, meadow or asphalt. The health of the horse is always important because countless horses still suffer from leg or hoof issues. Over 50% of insured horses die from it. (Geschäftsbericht R+V Versicherung 2015/APHIS Info Sheet; March 2007; Trends in Equine Mortality)
„We will finally change that. While we continue to develop our own shoes and use state-of-the-art technologies, our horses have to wear immobile iron shoes for more than two thousand years. Science call horseshoes a „necessary evil.“ I read this sentence more than twenty years ago, and I can not deal with it until today. The time is ripe for a healthy and comfortable hoof protection for horses, which transforms their movements into poetry, „said Charly Forstner.“ It is Seite 2 still the opinion that the hoof is rigid: hardly moves. A yielding of the hoof capsule 1-4mm on a horizontal plane is the range of motion of the horse‘s hoof. In 1998, I already proved with a wedge test that the hoof moves on the vertical plane 1-2cm, almost 10 times more than horizontally, and without affecting the overlying joint. This means that the hoof works jointly and compensates for ground irregularities such as stones and ground waves. A rigid fixation of the hoof capsule by a horseshoe is, therefore, very close to plastering it. Horseshoes immobilize ligaments and tendons; hence, it makes the blood flow becomes weaker. „The Megasus Horserunners will, however, change this!“
The Megasus is not the first invention of the Austrian entrepreneurs: Already twenty years ago, they developed the „Easywalker“ and the „Dynamix,“ two synthetic hoof protections for nailing, which then changed the market. „At that time, the order was to build an alternative hoof protection, with which the blacksmith could work well and use his usual tools. At Megasus Horserunners, we only think about the horses, their hooves, and the horse lovers. What is good for them, what do they need?“, says Forstner.
The prototype is ready, the tests are promising, and the producers are in the starting position. The Crowdfunding Campaign, starting on 8 October 16, will be a landmark for the Megasus Horserunners and the horses‘ world. For, if diligently supported the inventors to realize their dreams and to take horses out of the Iron Age.