Megasus Task Force

Megasus Task Force

The Megasus Task Force is a group of amazing horse lovers who tirelessly test our product and who give us their trust. Three selected members of this team would like to share their experiences with you.




My name is Julia and together with my 8-year-old PRE gelding Amaretto, I had the pleasure of testing Megasus Horserunners. In last week’s Test Camp video, you can see Amaretto in action! When we had our first fitting, I was absolutely sure that the mission „to take horses out of the Iron Age“ really could be accomplished. Cliping on the product is very easy and since there is no Velcro or other fastener affecting the bulbs or heels, Horserunners are a lot more comfortable for horses than hoof boots. Also, there was this great atmosphere in the Megasus Test Camp that was very motivating for Amaretto and me.  The Mega-Lock Hoof Tape worked very well and it was really strong, so we could definitely enjoy our test rides through woods and meadows and had a great time with the team.








I’m Claudia and generally working as a “Jack of all trades” on our farm. I have a 4-year-old daughter who has already been infected by the “horse virus” – just like me. On our farm, we have one Haflinger and three Ponies. Pan Tau, a 13-year-old and slightly oversized Haflinger gelding, is my saddle- and driving-horse and he has been chosen to test Megasus Horserunners, because he’s one of the rare barefoot carriage horses. Also, he has the perfect hoof size for the current prototype.  When I first was invited to test Megasus Horserunners, I was super nervous about it – are the hooves in good shape, have I prepared them properly? How will it be? All I can say is that it was so much fun and everything worked very very well. Now, all of us are totally spellbound by the Megasus hype. Pan Tau had absolutely no problems walking and running on all kinds of terrain, no matter if it’s through meadow, on the road or on gravel road. Walk, trot, galopp – no problem at all. This feeling was incredible! To me, seeing the sparkling in the eyes of the Megasus inventors Louisa and Charly was one of the best moments. I’ve rarely seen so many crazy and funny people feeling so incredibly enthusiastic about “some sports shoes”. And honestly, I can totally understand why!  But the biggest surprise for me was back home when I took the Horserunners off and put them on again for the next tests: It was so easy! I was surprised, that the prototype is already so convenient to handle. Let me tell you, the Megasus Horserunners are simply awesome!










My name is Irmi and I’m a Physiotherapist and Osteopath.  Q, my 7-year-old barefoot Paint gelding, and me have been a team for more than four years now. Q showed me what it’s like to find one’s soul mate in an animal.  His hind hooves have puzzled me from the first moment I met him, but I’m so glad that I met Claudia (Arche) and finally found the perfect stable for my perfect horse. I’d describe our “No Limits – Stable Girls” group as a bunch of warm, crazy, funny and very passionate horse lovers. I got the very same impression of the Megasus Team when I first met them and felt their good vibes. I’m very proud to be a part of it.  The atmosphere in the Megasus Test Camp is very good and I know that our horses can feel it as well.  Q’s gait has changed immediately in a positive way when he first tested Megasus Horserunners. He even took me by surprise performing flying gallop changes twice!   Although the first fitting of the prototype has been a little time-consuming, I’m absolutely thrilled about the simplicity of the handling. Well, my first thought testing Megasus Horserunners? Fasten your seat belt; we’re about to revolutionize hoof protection!




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